Fae (faemous) wrote,

I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.

So I haven't posted in something like two months, since I graduated from college. Unfortunately I haven't been reading my flist either, so I've been hugely out of touch, and for that I'm very sorry. how is everyone? What's going on in your lovely lives?

As for me, I'm back working at Barnes & Noble, which I actually really enjoy. I'm still living at home, But nickelodeon and I are going to look at apartments starting TOMORROW, and I'm excited. I also started my summer class, which is called "Laughter: A Literary Approach". I hate it. The professor is a priest and I am really not a fan of his teaching style or the material he picked. he doesn't seem to really be making any kind of a point with any of what we've done so far and it's just. Lame. I'm the only person in the class who ever says anything intelligent, and that's frustrating. But whatever, just four more weeks and I'm done with classes for AS LONG AS I PLEASE.

Other than that, I'm going to Baltimore next week with nickelodeon to see maxine_chan and aliquot and go to see hp6 and also go to Otakon! I'm excited. :D

Anyway! I kind of wanted to give everyone a mini UPDATE on my life, but the REAL reason that I'm posting is that I really want to get back into writing again, so I AM TAKING FIC PROMPTS!!!!

SO! skedaddle on over to my writing comm, almostfaemous, where I've posted an entry in which you can make your requests!

And I really am interested in how you all are doing, I promise. I'm really going to try to do better at reading my flist starting now, okay? ♥
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