Fae (faemous) wrote,

Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot little puppies.

I've been absolutely terrible about updating, but here's a quick update because there are exciting things afoot! I'll make a list. I like lists.

1. I finished my summer class on Wednesday, which means I'm officially done with college! I'm pretty sure I got an A or a B, which is excellent.
2. nickelodeon and I are going to look at an apartment this weekend, and if it looks good, then perhaps we will be moving there next month!
3. Ive been really lame and depressed recently so I went on hiatus from all my RPs. I'm working on getting myself back where I want to be, and hopefully will be back to RPing in no time!
4. My mom and I are starting up a mother/daughter blog about us both figuring out to do with our lives now that I'm out of college and now that my mom has an empty nest. Tentative title: Launch/Relaunch.
5. PUPPY. We got. A two month old Miniature Australian Shepherd today. her name is Layla, and she's pretty much the cutest puppy I've ever seen. I'm totally in love with her already. *__* OBSERVE:



That is all for now. :D
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